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Links to other Websites about Gold & Silver Bullion Coins 

There are many websites available on the internet where you can get a complete education on any subject, including gold, silver and the financial world.  We are including a few links to these sites so you can learn about gold and silver from the experts.  





Monex has a fantastic website for checking on the current spot prices of precious metals. You can see the hourly changes that occur between the opening and closing of the market, and you can see videos that describe all of the various bullion coins in the market place.  At this site you can click on any of the coins shown and a short video about that coin will pop up on the screen. Very informative and educational.  To view this information,

Just click on:  > .  


The U.S Mint is also a source of valuable information about the coins that are produced right here in the U.S.A.. This is a good sight to learn how coins are manufactured. To learn more about what the U.S. Mint offers, Click on:  > . 


Kitco is another valuable site to learn about current affairs as they pertain to the economy as well as the precious metal bullion coin marketplace.  To access this website and get a free education in gold and silver bullion, just click on the link,  > .


To View Historical precious metal  price charts from 1975 to current day click on the following link:  > 












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