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How Are Gold and Silver Bullion Bonuses Paid?

Each time you complete a Purchase Agreement at any of our eight denomination levels, you earn commission that is equal to the amount of your deposit.   Bullion Capital Club then adds your commissions to your deposits and we order your coins from our bullion broker, who ships them directly to your address by insured, return receipt delivery. Refer to the chart on the web page  titled:   How to increase YOUR income .


How are prices and the number of bonus coins calculated before they are shipped to you?  Bullion Capital Club does NOT mark up the cost of the coins. Our broker earns his profits by adding a premium on top of the spot price for each coin he ships to you. Currently, the premium on silver is $1.80 per ounce over  silver spot.   The current premium on one ounce of gold and /or platinum coins is $75.00 per ounce over current spot.  


Bullion  prices are subject to change according to current market conditions.  Bullion Capital Club has NO control over spot prices or broker premium charges.  The number of bullion coins you receive in a bonus will depend on the current prices prevailing on that day.  The lower the spot price, the more coins you receive.  Below are examples of what you can expect to receive when you earn a bonus.  Please note: These numbers are for example only.  Changes in spot prices affect the number of coins you receive; less coins when prices are high, or more when spot prices are low. 


To calculate your cost and  the number of coins you will receive, you take the current spot price...add to that the broker premium over spot.  This will give you the current price you pay.  As stated before, spot prices change daily and will affect the number of coins you can expect to receive on any given day.


For example:  Assuming a Gold Spot Price of exactly  $1,300.00  per ounce, your cost per ounce would be $1,375.  If the current Silver Spot is $20.00, your cost per ounce would be $21.80.  If Platinum Spot is $1,500.00, your cost would be $1,575 per ounce.

To calculate a $5,000 bonus we will assume the  prices stated above.


$5,000   divided by  $1,375  would pay you  3.63 ounces of Gold  bullion coins.  


$5,000  divided by   $1,575  would pay you  3.17 ounces of  Platinum bullion coins.


$5,000   divided by   $21.80 would pay you  229.35 ounces of Silver  bullion coins.


 Fractional ounces will be filled with Silver Bullion Coins.  And for very small amounts above the one  ounce weight, we complete orders with 90% silver quarters and dimes.  That way you get the exact amount of bonus due in coins.


Our bullion coin broker subtracts the cost of shipping and insurance directly from the $5,000 bonus amount that we send to him when we order your coins. Depending on the weight of the package, you will pay more shipping on silver orders than on gold and platinum, simply because of the added weight of silver. Insurance costs remain the same based on the dollar amount insured.  

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