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How To Enroll In The Club


Step  1.Click on the Membership Application under Getting Started tab above.  Print the Application on your computer and fill in the blanks with your information. Remember to include the name of the person who referred you on the line that says referred by.  There is NO cost or annual dues to be a Bullion Capital Club Member.

Step  2. Click on Purchase Agreement under the Getting Started tab.  Fill in the blanks with your information.  Also include the name of the person who originally referred you to the Bullion Capital Club.  This should  be listed on all Purchase Agreements. 

Step   3. Make your check or money order for the appropriate deposit amount payable to Bullion Capital Club  and mail it along with all of the above paperwork to:  P.O. Box 291770  Kerrville, Texas 78029.  QUESTIONS?  Call our office Tel: (830) 896-9771.

Step  4. Refer other people to our weekly conference calls on Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  Central Time.     On the calls, we will direct your guests to our website so they can get their questions answered and print out all of the necessary paperwork required to become a member.  When they enroll, they are referred by you.  The phone number to attend the call is:  (667) 770-1523.  The Access Code is: 100241#.

Each and every time any of your personally referred Club Members place deposits on Purchase Agreements, you will receive commission credit and receive your gold and silver bullion coins delivered to your address by insured return receipt delivery.

All bullion coins are guaranteed to contain the full weight and content of gold, silver, or platinum.  Converting bullion coins back into paper currency is as easy as trading four quarters for a dollar bill.   Coin dealers are happy to buy these coins directly from their customers, because they have immediate delivery, and can instantly turn around, add their premium to the price of the coins, and sell them to another customer for a profit. You will find that this is a very simple process.  Once you discover this for yourself you will never again worry about money or bills or bill collectors.  Simply follow the strategy and watch your personal fortune grow.

Examine this business opportunity very closely, and you will discover that the Bullion Capital Club marketing plan is the most precise,  cost effective and efficient way to directly increase your income as you pay off all of your debts and  create  a savings plan for your future using Real Money...... gold and silver bullion coins.  

Just introduce your friends and associates to our weekly calls and let us explain the opportunity for you. When your referred members join the club, and place deposits on their own Purchase Agreements, you will earn commissions and receive gold and silver bonuses. This process can be repeated over and over again with the same personally referred club members.  We cannot make it any simpler than that.  Don't you agree?  Join us on the conference calls and watch your business grow.  Paperwork is in Getting Started Tab above.


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