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 Bullion Capital Club



The personal information below is private and will be held in the strictest of confidence


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  Referred to Bullion Capital Club By:_____________________________________________________________


The following Rules and Regulations are established to clarify and define the rights and responsibilities of  Bullion Capital

Club,  its customers, and its Club Members who are independent contractors representing  Bullion Capital Club

products and services.  The Rules and Regulations contained herein,  are provided as guidelines for Club Members

to conduct their Bullion Capital Club business.  Integrity and honesty are required to be and / or to remain a Member.


Nothing contained within the Rules and Regulations of the Bullion Capital Club  shall be construed to create an employee /employer relationship between the parties thereof.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Federal Insurance Contributions

Act, the Federal Employment Tax Act, or income tax with-holding at the source.  As an independent contractor, each Club Member is responsible for observing federal and / or state laws as they pertain to conducting business in their individual states.  

Taxes:  At the end of each fiscal year, Bullion Capital Club will provide a detailed accounting of all commissions above

$600 that are earned by individual  Club Members.  Club Member agrees to take responsibility for their own tax situation.

          Legal & Tax Advice: Bullion Capital Club does not give legal or tax advice. Club Members should contact their own                   licensed legal counsel and tax advisers. 

WHEREAS:  Bullion Capital Club is engaged in the business of making Gold and Silver Bullion Coins available to its

Members, and Whereas:  Bullion Capital Club Members desire to own said coins, both parties come together

in mutual agreement as follows.  Gold and silver coins will be either American Eagles, African Krugerrands, Canadian

Maple Leafs, American Buffalo's, Vienna Philharmonics, and / or gold or silver rounds and bars according to availability.

Bullion Capital Club is offering gold and silver bullion coins to its Members in a sales and marketing plan that allows each

Member to purchase coins on a time payment plan by placing a deposit  of 1/2 (one half) of the Purchase Agreement price

and to EARN the other one half of the balance due in commissions for referring THREE other Club Members to the Club

who also place deposits to purchase Gold and Silver Bullion Coins in the same denomination of Purchase Agreements.                

Bullion Capital Club will match your deposit with an equal amount of commissions each and every time you complete an 

agreement with YOUR deposit and the deposits of THREE personally referred Members, which can be the same three

people over and over again, or it can be newly referred Members.  There is no limit on the number of people that you can

refer or on the amount of commissions you can earn.


The undersigned person is applying to become a Member of Bullion Capital Club and to earn commissions for referring

other Club Members who also participate in gold and / or silver Purchase Agreements.  There is no cost or annual dues to

become a Member.  There is no requirement that Club Members purchase any certain amount of gold and / or silver.  With

your signature below, you are agreeing to all of the terms of this Agreement. Club  Rules and Regulations appear below.


1.    The undersigned Club Member (YOU) shall be entitled to all benefits that accrue equally to each Independent Club

Member.  All Independent Club Members are entitled to purchase gold, silver, and / or platinum coins, rounds or bars in

any of EIGHT different Purchase Agreement denominations.  Purchase Agreement denominations are as follows:                   $200, - $300  - $500  - $1,000  --- $2,000 -  $3,000 -  $5,000  -  $10,000 .


2.    To initiate a purchase, YOU fill out a Purchase Agreement and send it to the company with the appropriate deposit of

ONE HALF of the Purchase Agreement amount.  You can purchase any or several of the EIGHT agreements at any time.  

There are NO Auto-Ship requirements.  There are NO time limits for completing Purchase Agreements.  


3.    All checks and / or money orders are to be made payable to Bullion Capital Club.  Bonuses are paid only AFTER your

personal checks are cleared by your bank which can take up to 3 to 7 days. To avoid waiting for your personal check to clear,

you can send certified checks, money orders or direct wire transfers.


4.    To complete your agreement and satisfy the remaining half of your balance due, YOU refer THREE other Club Members

who also fill out and place a  deposit on a purchase agreement in the same denomination.  After YOUR THREE referred

Members place their deposits, YOUR agreement is complete and YOU earn a commission that is equal to the amount

of  YOUR deposit.  Bullion Capital Club then sends your combined deposit and commission amount to our licensed coin

dealer, who then ships your bullion coins directly to you by insured, return receipt mail or Fed Ex.  The cost of shipping, and

insurance are deducted from YOUR order before shipping.


5.    Example of a $200 P.A :  YOU place a deposit of  $100  on a  $200 P.A.  YOU refer THREE others who also place a 

$100 deposit on their own $200 P.A.  When all deposits are placed as stated above, YOUR agreement is complete and

you earn a $100 commission which is combined with your $100 deposit and you receive $200 in bullion coins - minus the

cost of shipping and insurance.  All Purchase Agreements work exactly the same way.  The only difference is the amount

of the P.A and the commissions earned when your agreement is completed.   No matter which of the EIGHT agreement levels

you purchase, the commission amount will always be the same as the dollar amount as your deposit.  


6.     Bullion Capital Club will send YOU a computerized updated spreadsheet each and every time  any of YOUR personally

referred Club Members place a deposit on a Purchase Agreement.  This allows YOU to earn commissions over and over

again with the same personally referred Club Members.  This is sometimes referred to as residual or renewal income.  


7.    Bullion Capital Club Members purchase gold and silver bullion coins at the current market price charged  by our broker

dealer.    Bullion Capital Club does NOT mark up the price of the coins.  Our coin dealer sells the coins for the "current spot

price"  prevailing at the time of shipment, plus a premium that he attaches to each coin.   This is  how he / she makes a profit.  


8.    Bullion Capital Club does NOT handle or ship your coins.  Orders are filled by our licensed  broker / dealer.  When a

Purchase Agreement is completed, we order your coins within 48 hours, and the broker has up to 14 days to ship the coins.  

Our broker has a large inventory of coins on hand, so that most orders are shipped  sooner than 14 days, However, on large

orders we have to allow time for our broker to get the coins in his inventory.  


9.    No referral bonuses will be paid to Club Members for their own deposits or purchases.  Commissions are only paid

on the deposits placed by YOUR personally referred Club Members.


10.    YOUR bonuses are NOT based on what your referred members do or don't do concerning their own referral efforts.  

After YOUR referred Club Member places their deposit, YOU earn the commission due.  After YOUR Purchase Agreement

is filled with all deposits required, YOUR gold and silver bonus is shipped to YOU by insured, return receipt delivery.


11.   Bullion Capital Club is NOT  a Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid Sales program.  All Club Members have the exact same

opportunity to earn referral commissions for referring other Club Members.  YOU are the only person who earns commissions

for YOUR personal referrals. This is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for every Club Member.  


12.   Club Members are Independent Contractors, and not employees, agents or partners of Bullion Capital Club, and may not

incur any liability or obligations of any kind in the name of Bullion Capital Club.  Club Members may not use the Bullion Capital

Club name or service marks, self created marketing materials or advertising materials of any kind without prior written approval

by the Company.


13.   Bullion Capital Club is a people to people, word of mouth business opportunity.  Club Members may not advertise in newspapers, magazines, or any other publications using the  Bullion Capital Club name or logo.  We will not tolerate SPAM

or other mass advertising mediums.  YOU are not authorized to create your own web site, or ANY other computer generated programs to advertise this business opportunity.  This also applies to ANY and ALL brochures, flyers, mailers or self created PUBLIC telephone conference calls.  ALL marketing materials, websites and telephone conference calls are provided to you 

by the company at no charge.  All violations of these provisions may be cause for the cancellation of your membership, as

well as causing you and the company unnecessary legal expenses.  These rules and regulations are strictly enforced by

Bullion Capital Club.  DO NOT sign this agreement without reading and understanding these rules and regulations.


14.   Club Member warrants that he / she is of legal age in the Members resident State.


15.    Any applicant who applies to Bullion Capital Club as a Corporation, Partnership, or any other entity other than a sole

proprietorship shall appoint one person from said company to represent  said company as a Member with Bullion Capital

Club.  This person  shall have sole rights and responsibilities as a Club Member, and shall abide by all Rules and Regulations

herein.  Any changes of corporate officers or partnership agreements with Bullion Capital Club must be submitted in writing.


16.   Any paperwork sent to Bullion Capital Club that is  not filled out completely and legibly may delay processing and pay-

ment of bonuses.   YOU are entering into an agreement with other people.  Please take the time to fill out the forms so they

can be easily read, and so we can operate the Club efficiently with minimal efforts to correct misspellings or dots and under

scores on an e-mail address.  This is very important.  Please do not disregard this admonition.


17.   All monies sent to Bullion Capital Club as deposits, must be sent in the form of a Certified Check, Personal Check,

Money Order, or Wire Transfer (for larger purchases).  We do NOT accept credit extortion cards as payment.


18.   Bullion Capital Club reserves the right to change prices, company literature, company policy and / or Company

Marketing Plan with a 10 day written notice to all Club Members.  However Bullion Capital Club must receive the approval

of the Independent Membership  Advisory Board prior to any amendments to the company marketing plan.


19.   Bullion Capital Club reserves the right to terminate an Independent Club Member when said Member fails to abide

by the Rules and Regulations of the Company, as outlined  herein.  Additionally, Bullion Capital Club may terminate a

member for fraud, misrepresentation, misconduct, wrong doings, or failure to process paperwork and deposits received

from people they refer.  In the event of such termination, the terminated Club Member will lose all rights to all future 

commissions and / or bonuses.


20.   Independent Club Members will be solely responsible for earning commissions and completing their own Purchase

Agreements.  Club Member acknowledges that no other Club Member or Staff Member has promised to complete YOUR

agreements for YOU.


21.   This agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Texas, and said agreement will be binding upon receipt

and acceptance thereof by the Bullion Capital Club.


22.   Bullion Capital Club will acknowledge receipt of Enrollments, Purchase Agreements and Deposits by e-mail within

48 hours of receipt.    Our computerized Welcome Letter and Spreadsheet are your receipt of  acceptance of your paperwork.


23.   Club Member acknowledges that he / she will indemnify and hold harmless, Bullion Capital Club, its officers, and

directors against any claims, liabilities, or expenses, including attorneys fees resulting from Members conduct or misconduct while doing business as an Independent Bullion Capital Club Member.


24.   This agreement will become binding only after acceptance thereof by the Company.  From the date of acceptance of

this agreement by Bullion Capital Club, new Club Members have 3 (three) business days to examine the agreement and

if not satisfied, cancel it by e-mail or U.S. mail postmarked within three days.  Upon exercising your three day option to

cancel, you will receive a full refund.  After THREE DAYS no refunds will be issued.


25.   By placing YOUR signature below, you are acknowledging that you are joining the Bullion Capital Club for the sole

purpose of earning commissions in the Company Marketing Plan and that your commissions will be added your deposits

in order to complete your own Purchase Agreements and generate a gold and silver bonus.  You  hereby agree to abide

by all of the Bullion Capital Club rules and regulations and you agree to take FULL responsibility for your own actions and

do business with integrity.  


26.   NOTICE:   If your are NOT intending to EARN commissions for referring other Club Members, it is strongly advised

that you do NOT get involved in this program.  Bullion Capital Club is NOT a bank or holding company for your deposits.  



27.   This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto and no other representations or 

agreements shall be binding on the parties unless in writing.  Your signature below indicates that you have read, understood

and agree to all of the terms outlined in this agreement.  Your receipt and acceptance as a member will be acknowledged

by Bullion Capital Club with a dated, computerized "Welcome to Bullion Capital Club"  letter.





Club Members Signature


When Complete, mail to:

Bullion Capital Club

P.O. Box 291770 * Kerrville, Texas 78029

Tel: (830) 896-9771


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