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What Club Members have to say about Bullion Capital Club 

Craig M. in Oregon says:  I am a real estate agent in Oregon.  I've been referring my clients to the club in order to accumulate bullion coins and to participate in Fred's  Mortgage Acceleration Strategy.  I absolutely love the Bullion Capital Club.  Many thanks for creating this Club and for inviting me to participate.


Richard C. in California says:  Wow!  I have been a gold and silver enthusiast for many years and I believe that this is the greatest opportunity I have ever seen for accumulating gold and silver bullion coins.  Absolutely brilliant!  Thank you.


Robert S. in Nebraska says:  The Bullion Capital Club opportunity is so far beyond simple.  This is truly a no brainer.  I love your weekly conference calls and the fact that my invited guests can listen anonymously with  no pressure placed on anyone to do or buy anything.  Count me in.  This is GREAT! 


Neil D. in Florida says:  I am not a salesman.  I can't believe that this is so simple. I just mention this opportunity to other people I come in contact with and hand them a business card with the conference call schedule on the back of my card. 


Susan J. in California says:  This is the best home business opportunity that I have ever encountered, and I have gotten involved in several of them.  I never really made any money to speak of until now. Bullion Capital Club is heads and shoulders above them all.  I got my first  silver bullion bonus within just a few days from the time I completed my Purchase Agreement.  The coins are beautiful.


Janice T. in Texas says:  I really don't like selling products to other people and I love the fact that I don't have to fill my garage with inventory or sell anything.  This is as easy as falling off  a log.  Thanks for making this so simple.


Sandra B. in Nevada says:  The Bullion Capital Club has totally changed my opinion about home business opportunities.  Finally, a way to earn some serious income without having to change my entire life.  I truly love this opportunity.


Michael S. in Arizona says:  I must admit that my wife and I were very skeptical when we first learned about the Bullion Capital Club opportunity.  However when we received our silver coins within just a few days after completing our first agreement, we both became believers.  I wish I had known about this club many years ago when it was first started.  I could be retired by now.


Alice J. from Idaho says:  These coins are absolutely beautiful.  I don't really ever want to sell them.  However my husband made me test out Fred's statement about how easy these coins are to convert back to cash.  After receiving my first silver bonus, I took one of the coins to a local coin dealer and sure enough, he bought the silver coin from me for spot value with no hassles or questions asked.


John H. from Texas says:  It is hard to believe that it is so simple to double your money every month without taking big financial risks.  Everybody should know about this absolutely fantastic opportunity.  I intend to keep coming back for more.  I like not having limits on my earnings.  Thanks for the opportunity.


A message from the President of Bullion Capital Club: This is an equal opportunity for everyone.  Join us and see how you can start making your financial dreams a reality.  Everyone is welcome, so don't delay.  Get started today!  We are here to serve you.  Don't hesitate to call us for assistance.


Bullion Capital Club

P.O. Box 291770 * Kerrville Texas 78029

Office Tel: (830) 896-9771


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